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Privacy Policy

To clarify, here is the data this site collects:

To further clarify, none of this data is connected to a person, and all of it is aggregated within Google Analytics. We couldn’t identify a person using the site even if we wanted to.

Why This Position?

There are two reasons why the decision was made to not track individual users.

That first reason might sound strange given the nature of most other “free” websites and the normal business model employed to generate revenue. But the decision was made to not operate that way, and even if we display advertisements on our site, we don’t want or need to be predatory and intrusive about it.

The second reason is linked to that, but also to the fact that it is a major security risk to store personal information, even email addresses and passwords. We may launch an account section soon, but the login will most certainly use a distributed ledger such as Civic or similar, so that your data is kept with you and you unlock your account instead of asking us to with a password.

Data Sharing

We do not share data with anyone.

Google Adsense

We currently display Google Adsense ads on book pages within certain menus, which make use of cookies placed by Google as part of the advert display process. This is largely experimental and an attempt to generate some revenue from usage of the site. We’re considering removing this however as the results are not impressive to date, and there are a serious amount of cookies being placed. We’re not comfortable with this, so it most likely will go as soon as we refine our business model.