A Child of the Universe Book Chapter Page 1

This unconventional book could not have seen the light of day were it not for the urging of many people I have come to interact with in the course of my life. They were asking me about “my book”. I kept on telling them to wait because the time was not ripe.

Until I realised that time is not like a fruit that waits to ripen; it happens all the time like the sun which goes for a nap in the evening before waking up refreshed and ready for another day. It never ripens so to speak; it is permanently ripe. As I have noted elsewhere, life is not an orderly flow like a river. It is more like a series of events some momentous others mundane. They form the sequence of your life. I chose to tell my story through the types of events: M&M - momentous and mundane. The first started with an American poet called Robert Frost who alerted me about choices as he faced a decision while out on a walk in the woods (“The Road Not Taken”). It is the theme of the second part of this book.