A Child of the Universe Book Chapter Page 2

Add his academic sojourn in accounting; a profession that demands exactness, yet his writing is not about that. Could this exactness have made his mind restless?

Perhaps with the passage of time, he has distilled wisdom and found his place in the universe, declaring himself a child of the universe, and may be a citizen of planet earth.

The series of short stories reflect reality, dreams and fears . They reflect a 100 years since the death of his grandfather and by coincidence since Kenya became a colony.

From his home in Ndakaini, the writer fans to the rest of the world into the endless universe. The high attitude of Ndakaini by the Aberdares might have provided the clear skies to reflect on the universe and its vastness. Just as the universe is restless with galaxies, nebula, planets, supernovas and black holes, so should our minds be.