Ready For the Match Chapter 2 Page 6

encounter furious moments because of it. You have to risk and make new adventures looking for its hideouts. You have to spent sleepless nights spying for it. You have to attempt running mad thinking about it. You can even attempt murder fighting for success peacefully. All time think, meditate and talk about SUCCESS NOT FIGHT.” Moran would advise her siblings to struggle to get this Monster, success.

Moran’s mother had a complain too. Her husband quarreled with her most of the time. That made Muthoni, Moran’s mother prefers single life than being married. Muthoni found it a wastage of time persevering the kind of torture and abuse going through. Every misunderstanding in the family meant that Muthoni, mother to Moran had to bear the blame. When children quarreled Muthoni was