Ready For the Match Chapter 2 Page 7

blamed. When bulls fight Muthoni was blamed. When goats fight Muthoni was blamed. When cocks fight Muthoni was blamed. Muthoni got up upset, spent the whole day upset and back bed upset. What a life? How do you see it?

I mean being blamed for irrelevant issues, being tortured for irrelevant issues. Being abused for irrelevant issues, being stressed for irrelevant issues. Many would definitely prefer what Moran’s mother preferred. Others would prefer fighting for themselves. Others would prefer suicide. Divorce and separation. Otherwise what would you prefer? Muthoni preferred single life. She had several nights not asleep over thinking and shedding tears. Nobody was there to intervene except Moran. “Mother, quitting marriage is incredible. We will lose our permanent dad. Whom do you