Ready For the Match Chapter 3 Page 1

It was that time for Muthoni, a female parent to Moran stopped blaming God for making get pregnant while at early stages of menopause. Moran was the only answer to her prayers which she kept praying day and night. Muthoni had pleaded with God for peace since her honeymoon. Pleading in vain had made her hate herself and lost faith in God. “Muthoni, I am always patient with you, but this one is above all others. How can you get pregnant while we cannot manage all needs for children we have? How can you be that stupid? Why can’t you use family planning like other women?

It’s because you are illiterate. It’s because you never do any of the Jua Kali jobs I do. Its because you just sit here waiting for me to bring money. Now I must go against it. I must stand against it even if it