Ready For the Match Chapter 3 Page 10

such an abomination. He went ahead, spread the rumours and over the snatching of the Land was. One fateful morning Shikoku visited Moran’s family and boastfully insulted Moran’s brother, told him to eat his best, dress his best, laugh his best, enjoy all things his best for the following day he would be a carcass. So, it went and after Moran’s brother went to sleep, he slept for life.

Moran could too remember the story of her mother’s miscarriage. Shikoku her uncle and married and spent whole six years without conception. All the blame was to Muthoni. Muthoni was a Christian, spent most of her time in prayers and attending the church. Muthoni had a strong belief that Shikoku’s powers cannot overdo her powers. And so it was according to the story. Muthoni got pregnant