Ready For the Match Chapter 3 Page 12

midwife available. She was not really a midwife, but she had to act like one. On delivering the baby, Moran’s mother got some complications and got a bed rest for some time. Inside the room alone, the so-called midwife picked a call. It was her husband insisting that the baby should be killed. As the acting midwife tried to squeeze Moran’s neck her sister interrupted and picked the baby. Moran breathed heavily as she tried to swallow that pill. Her felt a great zeal for revenge.

Moran became restless and uneasy. “For how long this will continue? For how long will we tolerate this? For how long will they intimidate us? For how long will they stress us? For how long will they push for what they don’t deserve? Then, why was born, why did God protect me from the traitor.