Ready For the Match Chapter 3 Page 13

If it were not to fight for our rights and possess what deserves us and fight for peace, I swear I must tell God to take away my life” That was Moran thinking loudly. Moran’s approached everything with care and keen. He would sit down and think of a peaceful way to approach it. But this one is revenge. Revenge in a peaceful way. In fact, it was challenging. Issues had come gone.

Others had got solved silently. Others had remained the history of the family. Others had brought shame and fear. others had happened by the Will of God. And others by the will of Satan. Others were first to happen and others the last. Others had left a scar but this one to Moran meant a lot. Moran wanted to solve it forever and ever. Moran wanted it to be a story for the community to tell or even write.