Ready For the Match Chapter 3 Page 16

Moran wanted to overcome this monster in their community. Moran wanted to act learned and shame illiteracy. Moran had a tough task ahead of her and it was a must to accomplish it effectively and conveniently. Moran knew that by solving everything peacefully will lead both families down the Lane of success and love rather than failure and mediocracy. Moran went to sleep thinking of the official sign. On the bed Moran could sit trying to visualize success. It was indeed painful, but she never preferred giving up. She had to put all things into perspective. Witted, overlooked by thoughts a woman appeared. Moran could see the woman approaching. Moran had known from her mother that she was born holding a white gun. To Moran’s surprise the woman was holding the white gun. Moran gained courage and demanded to know who the woman