Ready For the Match Chapter 3 Page 17

was. “Call me your helper. I am coming for no arm.

The white gun am holding is not black. So it is not made for killing. The gun am holding is white, so it is made for peace. So I have come in peace. Don’t be afraid. Peace be with you. I have been walking with you unknowingly but now you are grown up you need to know your friends and enemies. I protected you from being killed by your aunt. I rejected the name given to you because it never meant a warrior. I protected you from all infants’ diseases. Am I your enemy? This White gun is yours. You were born with. For you have a match to compete. You must win the match between darkness and light. You are to strike away darkness. I will be with until the fight is over don’t be afraid. Can I hand over the gun to you? Start with the