Ready For the Match Chapter 3 Page 2

means changing the Bible verses that man should provide for his family. Unless you agree with me that you have to do abortion. I am gone. I am the to that child... abortion, abortion, killing my... my... my... baby. No, I cannot kill its against the law. God will answer my prayers one day, one time, one year, one season. Mama Moran remembered some of the incidents of sadness about Moran’s pregnancy. She could also remember how she used to take neem leaves tea and aloe vera trying to kill the foetus. She felt so sorry and consoled.

Moran’s father is too witted at the sofa too engulfed into flashback of events. He could remember all those words her has just remembered. He too remembers how he stopped being responsible due to Moran’s pregnancy. How he fled away and went to stay in his