Ready For the Match Chapter 3 Page 3

concubines house, enjoyed himself, gave all his money to the concubine, became a fruit vendor for the concubine, trash talked her wife to the concubine and did all sorts of job as a slave to please the concubine. But the exchanged all those with all kinds of bad deeds, insult and she chased him out totally sick. That’s when Redempta, a pastor to one of Pentecostal churches offered to help him get healed and take him black home together with prayers. Tears flowed down his cheek. He knelt down before his wife pleading for forgiveness. Muthoni did not her heart hard but she accept his hand of forgiveness.

Moran was indeed a champion of not only within her nuclear family but also in the whole community. The white gun seemed to be conveniently and mysteriously working like a double-edged sword.