Ready For the Match Chapter 3 Page 4

Moran could cut through all problems in life using the white gun. She could solve all the problems miraculously, peacefully, and critically. What a wonderful Kofi Anan. Moran in the community was like Kofi Annan. A peace maker in Kenya during 2007 post election violence. Moran could make fighting cocks and peacocks have peace. Moran could make fighting hens and peahens have peace. Moran could make fighting bulls have peace. Moran could even make big, famous, and wealthy parties shake hands.

At eighteen, Moran having complete her studies on teaching Bungoma Teachers Training College, she was wise enough to handle even matters concerning the law. That’s when her level of wisdom amazed everyone. Whilst being brothers, her father and his immediate brother, Moran’s uncle had a series of