The Idiot Part 1 Chapter 1 Page 22

something?” observed the other, triumphantly.

“Bosh! there are plenty of Nastasia Philipovnas. And what an impertinent beast you are!” he added angrily. “I thought some creature like you would hang on to me as soon as I got hold of my money.”

“Oh, but I do know, as it happens,” said the clerk in an aggravating manner. “Lebedeff knows all about her. You are pleased to reproach me, your excellency, but what if I prove that I am right after all? Nastasia Phillpovna’s family name is Barashkoff — I know, you see — and she is a very well known lady, indeed, and comes of a good family, too.

She is connected with one Totski, Afanasy Ivanovitch, a man of considerable