The Idiot Part 1 Chapter 10 Page 7

“He doesn’t recognize Rogojin!” He did not move an inch, however.

“I have met you somewhere, I believe, but — ”

“Met me somewhere, pfu! Why, it’s only three months since I lost two hundred roubles of my father’s money to you, at cards. The old fellow died before he found out. Ptitsin knows all about it. Why, I’ve only to pull out a three-rouble note and show it to you, and you’d crawl on your hands and knees to the other end of the town for it; that’s the sort of man you are. Why, I’ve come now, at this moment, to buy you up! Oh, you needn’t think that because I wear these boots I have no money. I have lots of money, my beauty, — enough to buy up you and all yours together.