The Idiot Part 1 Chapter 3 Page 35

the State departments, an easy place — but you will require to be accurate. Now, as to your plans — in the house, or rather in the family of Gania here — my young friend, whom I hope you will know better — his mother and sister have prepared two or three rooms for lodgers, and let them to highly recommended young fellows, with board and attendance.

I am sure Nina Alexandrovna will take you in on my recommendation. There you will be comfortable and well taken care of; for I do not think, prince, that you are the sort of man to be left to the mercy of Fate in a town like Petersburg. Nina Alexandrovna, Gania’s mother, and Varvara Alexandrovna, are ladies for whom I have the highest possible esteem and respect. Nina Alexandrovna is the wife of General Ardalion