The Idiot Part 2 Chapter 3 Page 48

“Yes. Can’t one cut pages with a garden knife?”

“It’s quite new.”

“Well, what of that? Can’t I buy a new knife if I like?” shouted Rogojin furiously, his irritation growing with every word.

The prince shuddered, and gazed fixedly at Parfen. Suddenly he burst out laughing.

“Why, what an idea!” he said. “I didn’t mean to ask you any of these questions; I was thinking of something quite different! But my head is heavy, and I seem so absent-minded nowadays!

Well, good-bye — I can’t remember what I wanted to say — good-bye!”

“Not that way,” said Rogojin.

“There, I’ve forgotten that too!”

“This way — come along — I’ll show you.”