The Golden Sayings of Epictetus Part 21 Page 3

eyes, yea, stopped are their ears to God’s Law universal, Calling through wise obedience to live the life that is noble. This they mark not, but heedless of right, turn each to his own way, Here, a heart fired with ambition, in strife and straining unhallowed; There, thrusting honour aside, fast set upon getting and gaining; Others again given over to lusts and dissolute softness, Working never God’s Law, but that which warreth upon it.

Nay, but, O Giver of all things good, whose home is the dark cloud, Thou that wieldest Heaven’s bolt, save men from their ignorance grievous; Scatter its night from their souls, and grant them to come to that Wisdom Wherewithal, sistered with Justice, Thou rulest and governest all things; That we, honoured by Thee, may requite Thee with