Twenty Years After Chapter 58 Page 26

who was the king of the Gascons, as His Majesty Philip IV. is the king of the Spaniards, never had a penny in his pocket.”

“Go on, sir, I see what you wish to get at; and if it is simply what I think that stops you, I can obviate the difficulty.”

“Ah, I knew well,” said the Gascon, “that you were a man of talent. Well, here’s the case, here’s where the saddle hurts me, as we French say. I am an officer of fortune, nothing else; I have nothing but what my sword brings me in — that is to say, more blows than banknotes.

Now, on taking prisoners, this morning, two Frenchmen, who seemed to me of high birth — in short, two knights of the Garter — I said to myself, my fortune is