Twenty Years After Chapter 83 Page 7

“Yes, but we have drowned Monsieur Mordaunt.”

“That is true, and that will redeem us a little in the eyes of posterity, if posterity ever looks at us. But listen, Porthos: though Monsieur Mordaunt was a man not to be despised, Mazarin is not less strong than he, and we shall not easily succeed in drowning him. We must, therefore, watch and play a close game; for,” he added with a sigh, “we two are equal, perhaps, to eight others; but we are not equal to the four that you know of.”

“That is true,” said Porthos, echoing D’Artagnan’s sigh.

“Well, Porthos, follow my examples; walk back and forth till some news of our friends reaches us or till we are visited by a good idea.