Twenty Years After Chapter 87 Page 5

introduce to you the Chevalier d’Herblay, who wishes — as you may have heard — to offer his congratulations to your eminence.”

And he retired, discovering Mazarin, who was in great confusion, to the astonished gaze of Aramis.

“Ho! ho!” exclaimed the latter, “the cardinal! a glorious prize! Halloo! halloo! friends! to horse! to horse!”

Several horsemen ran quickly to him.

“Zounds!” cried Aramis, “I may have done some good; so, my lord, deign to receive my most respectful homage! I will lay a wager that ‘twas that Saint Christopher, Porthos, who performed this feat! Apropos! I forgot — — ” and he gave some orders in a low voice to one of the horsemen.