Twenty Years After by Alexandre Dumas Chapter 88 Page 25

“The place, madame, is vacant, and although ‘tis a year since Monsieur de Treville has left it, it has not been filled.”

“But it is one of the principal military appointments in the king’s household.”

“Monsieur de Treville was but a younger son of a simple Gascon family, like me, madame; he occupied that post for twenty years.”

“You have an answer ready for everything,” replied the queen, and she took from her bureau a document, which she filled up and signed.

“Undoubtedly, madame,” said D’Artagnan, taking the document and bowing, “this is a noble reward; but everything in the world is unstable, and the man who happened to fall into disgrace with your majesty might lose this office to-morrow.”