The Cossacks by Leo Tolstoy Chapter 10 Page 7

Faugh! There is no real master here. They say he has gone to some kind of KRIGA, and the old woman is a real devil. God preserve us!’ answered Vanyusha, putting his hands to his head. ‘How we shall live here I don’t know. They are worse than Tartars, I do declare — though they consider themselves Christians! A Tartar is bad enough, but all the same he is more noble. Gone to the KRIGA indeed! What this KRIGA they have invented is, I don’t know!’ concluded Vanyusha, and turned aside.

‘It’s not as it is in the serfs’ quarters at home, eh?’ chaffed Olenin without dismounting.

‘Please sir, may I have your horse?’ said Vanyusha, evidently perplexed by this new order of things but resigning himself to his fate.